pongo2: Template Engine

pongo2 is a Django-syntax like templating-language for Go. The latest version is 6.0.0.

Install/update using go get (no dependencies required by pongo2):

go get -u github.com/flosch/pongo2/v6

Add-ons, libraries and helpers


  • pongo2-addons – Official additional filters/tags for pongo2 (for example a markdown-filter). They are in their own repository because they’re relying on 3rd-party-libraries.


  • beego-pongo2 – A tiny little helper for using pongo2 with Beego.
  • beego-pongo2.v2 – Same as beego-pongo2, but for pongo2 v2.
  • macaron-pongo2 – pongo2 support for Macaron, a modular web framework.
  • ginpongo2 – middleware for gin to use pongo2 templates
  • pongo2gin – alternative renderer for gin to use pongo2 templates
  • pongo2-trans – trans-tag implementation for internationalization
  • tpongo2 – pongo2 support for Tango, a micro-kernel & pluggable web framework.
  • p2cli – command line templating utility based on pongo2
  • pongorenderer – minimal pongo2 renderer for Echo web framework
  • pongo2gcloud – Google Cloud Storage loader for pongo2 template files

Integrations with pongo2

Most major Go web frameworks tightly integrated with our template engine pongo2. We list a few of them:

Successful users

Fortune 500 companies and popular projects are using pongo2, including:

License & commercial support

Our template engine pongo2 is free to use for private & commercial products and licensed unter the MIT license. Please contact us if you’re using pongo2 to have you added to the list of users.

We offer free, low priority support in our GitHub issue tracker and commercial prioritized support (such as consulting, private feature development and paid bug fixing). Please get in touch with us for a custom-tailored offer for your pongo2 needs.

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